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Adding contacts from Outlook to your web mail

Outlook has the possibility of exporting contacts

Go to file, then select import and export

Then select Export to a file, which will give you several file formats.

Select windows coma separated values (CSV)

Then select the folder you want to export, select Contacts.

Then select the part of the computer where you would like to save it.

You can import your contacts by entering your web mail.

Go to Collaborate, then select My Contacts, then all contacts, (allow your display window (right) to load) and select import/export, then import contacts.

You will be prompted with a browse window to upload the contact CSV file you saved before. Once you have selected the file press Next >

If your webmail language is different from your Outlook's language you may have to assign each field the corresponding value(name, lastname, organization, etc) by selecting it form the dropdown menu.

Once you have assigned the fields, press Next >.

Now all your Outlook contacts are backed up and ready to use on your webmail!


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