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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In today's markets is no longer usefull to have a professional and inspiring website if no one knows about it or cant be found. Is like havig a beautiful tree in the middle of an enormous forest.

The position of a website on a determined search will depend on several factors, but some of the most important are: the title, the keywords used on the page's source, the description, the domain name, and the content of the site (links and texts). The more related and congruent all of this factors are, the better. It is also very important if the site gives the user a service (information, sales, catalogues, galleries, real estate listings, etc), and that it is constantly being renewed.

Our service consists on the placement of meta tags on all pages of the site and suggestions on the way to modiffy the sites content, and format.

We will provide advice on the content of the site and suggestions for amending texts, to increase the possition of the page with determined search terms, evaluating keywords and terms that best describe the activity of the company. On the specific case of Google a site map is uploaded in the sites inner structure.

Publishing your site in search engines,

Once your site is optimized, it is submitted to the different Search Engines, and depending on the search crawler and the terms used, it will take up to several weeks for it to climb positions.

After 4 months of the publication, the site will be reviewed by evaluating the position reached at the search engines and the sites monthly statistics comparing the results before and after the optimization. Depending on the results, and if no significant improvement is observed, we will perform a second optimization at no additional cost.


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