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Real Estate Applications

We have years of experience supporting real estate business through the Internet.

Directly managed by the client, where he may include as many properties he wants, and to each he may include a detailed description, price, region and add as many pictures per property as desired. All information may be subsequently amended and the changes are reflected in the site immediately.

An important feature is that the system can be multilingual, and support as many languages as the site has. You may include the property's description in several languages, which will be displayed on the corresponding section of your site.

We provide advice on the best way to format and present your photographs so that they can be viewed with maximum definition and minimum wait times.

As with all our applications you may select the way properties will be sorted and the information you want to display. The information you provide can be made available to the general public or you can allow password protected access to private data.

This application allows the end user of the site to find properties, using different search criteria, such as location (state, county) climate, price range or property type.


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