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Process for creating a website

The first step in creating a website is the conceptualization of information to include in it, the audience to whom it will be directed and its purpose (to provide information; provide a service, to sell a product, etc).

The simplest is to make a structure in which a home page will lead to other secondary pages (links on the site).

Once you have the secondary pages, what remains is to develop the text or concept for each of them.

The part of the design may be the most difficult because you have to unify the concept with the graphic interface. Is to take an idea that the client has and then turn it into a website, where colors, shapes and concepts that multiple people have, are combined. To accomplish this and to have the site completed, several meetings are required between the client and the designer.

It is often necessary to make several versions of the site's home page to reach a consensus. To keep the consistency of the site all other secondary pages are going derive from that main page

From the technical point of view a website should be pleasing to the eye but also the navigation within should be easily accessible. The time it takes to load it´s also very important. It´s convenient that the site complies with various screen resolutions and that the visitor should never have to move the bar scroll sideways to see the rest of the screen. The images within the site must be optimized (to decrease the resolution of images to be lighter to load, but not as much that pixels are observed).

It is Important for a user to return to a site, for this to happen, the site should provide a service or updated information. A site which is visited frequently will have mouth to mouth recommendation, which will result in better page ranking on the Search Engines. The better the page ranking
is, the better the position on the search results. (See SEO)

Domain is the route by which an internet browser is directed to a server in where the website is hosted. For example the domain of is directed towards the Tecnomercadeo server, and there you can access the web site.

The domains are registered on yearly basis, and are very important when changing hosting; to perform a server change, a login and password from the domain registrant is required. This login password is created when an account is made, and although a company such as ours performs the registration, it´s only one of the services we provide, and the domain will always belong to the client that requested the domain as long as the yearly renewal is paid.



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