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Document Distribution

If your company needs to send or receive files, either to customers (public access) or organizational level (access restricted to common internet users), the best is way to incorporate this module into your web site.

With this application you can "upload"files (upload) to a particular directory, which can "download" (download) at his own expenses, according to the security measures your business needs.


FTP Accounts Setup (file transfer, "file transfer protocol)

FTP accounts allow to send large files to a server, that then can be download from any ther place. The great advantage is that if at some point the file transfer is interrupted, the program will resume by transferring only the remaining content, very different from what happens to an email which is either sentor not at all.

You can create different users with different levels of permissions, for example: you can assign permissions to a user only to upload files to a specific subfolder, and not to view the entire folder nor to delete files. And to other users you can assign permissions to delete, upload, download and view all folders.

Another great advantage of this type of document distribution is that it can be open to the public (anyone who enters your site), or private so that only those who have the password can download the documents.

To install an FTP account , is required 1) a web server, 2) to install the program (ftp manager) on the machines which will upload and download files 3) a domain name.


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