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Domain Administrator

permission to a user that allows him to control all e-mail accounts within the domain.

Its faculties are:

users, through the add button, the site manager can add new email users in a very easy to use enviroment. The only required atributes that have to be filled are the user name and a password. The password can be anything, and normally what it is recommended, is that the new user enters the email account and changes the password to one of his own.

Users, through the delete button, the site administrator can delete users.

user attributes, to edit or modify user data.

changes, the administrator can change any users password; although he cant now which password the user had put before, he can reset it. Very useful when someone forgot its password.

Alias Account Management (an alias account is an email account that distributes mail immediately after received; both to email accounts inside and outside the domain), the administrator can add, modify, and delete aliases. Multiple recipients can be added for one same alias, just by adding one recipient per line. The basic difference between an alias and an account is that alias do not send or store mail, it only distributes it (for example sends mail to our sales representatives).




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