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and events manageable by the client

Section inside the site where the customer can personally handle the information displayed and update it directly with no intermediaries.

News can contain only text or incorporate images as well, with the use of an upload / download module. Your "site administrator" will be benefiated of
flexibility and versatility writing news or company events as much as he requires and incorporate images to illustrate them.

For this operation a password or client key is given to enter an easy to use "administration module" from which the news can be incorporated inmeditly to the site.

Keep your clients informed with your company news and choose from a variety of ways to display your content. 

For example, you can:

a) Use rotating or static banners as a link to your content or an outside location;
b) Display more than one item at a time - all at once, one below the other or one by one using headlines as links.


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