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Keeping a Web Mail Back up

When using a mail adminstrator program such as Outlook, when you press send receive, the program downloads all your incomming mail and sends all of your outgoing mail to the server.

After all new mail is downloaded the program sends a command to your webmail to delete all the messages from the server, keeping your mailbox clean and ready to receive more mail.

A great advantage of having a POP 3 account such as Ours, is that you may have a backup of your most important or most recent emails on your webmail account.

On Outlook go to Tools, then select email account set up, then mark your email account.

Select change and then go to more options (bottom right).

On the new window select the tab, Advanced.

On the Advanced window check the box Leave a Copy of Messages on Server.


After completing this steps, your Outlook will continue to download mail, but it will not delete it automatically from your Web Mail´s Inbox.

Important Tip: Check your webmail regularly and delete unwanted, old, or not important information in order for your mailbox to always have space for your new messages.


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